diesel cleaning & storage

Using fuel from different marinas in your vessel means the possible transfer of bugs, algae and other contaminants from their long term storage tanks. This results in the eventual need for your fuel to either be cleaned, or emptied and your tanks cleaned. Sweep Marine has the equipment and facilities to provide all necessary services to prevent and treat any fuel contaminant issues.


diesel cleaning

Diesel Fuel is routinely contaminated by water (condensation) and solids (dust and other debris from storage tanks). In most cases, filtration alone cannot remove all the contaminants or bacterial growth, therefore Marine Centrifuges are an economical way to remove these contaminants on an ongoing basis without the need of costly filter media.

Our Alfa Laval Centrifugal Separator has a capacity of 1,000L per hour with a guarantee of particle removal from 5 to 0.5 microns and it separates water from fuel down to its molecular form.

We also provide laboratory test reports both prior and after Diesel cleaning to not only identify the source of contamination but also to show the final results once the Diesel has been put through our Centrifugal Separator. The set-up is fully mobile and can be used anywhere.

diesel storage

Diesel Storage can be required for many reasons including survey inspections which require access, lighten the weight of a vessel for lifting, as well as tank repairs and maintenance.

We can pump out the diesel and store in one of our self-bunded or underground tanks, clean the tanks, then pump it back in when the project or survey inspection is completed.

Our custom built pump out truck allows us to provide a fully mobile, 24 hour pump out service.