Sweep Marine Chemicals


Sanitizer and fragrance for black water system and holding tanks

Fruity Loo is a premium 3 in 1 black water system and holding tanks liquid biocide. It's advanced chemistry cleans, deodorises and sanitises in one efficient, rapid action designed specifically for black water system and holding tanks. Fruity Loo's ability to neutralise unpleasant odours and sanitise the unit is unsurpassed.

Available in 1L & 5L Quantities.



Eco-friendly Marine Engine External Wash

Like a Pro is a fast working, environmentally friendly marine detergent that easily removes stubborn grease and build p with minimal effort. It's completely safe on all types of body paintwork and aluminum surfaces.

Available in 1L, 5L & 15L Quantities.



Bilge and Engine Room Cleaner

Squeaky Clean is one of Australia's best commercial strength, heavy duty, biodegradable super cleaners that repidly penetrates in-ground heavy soils, oils and fats It will clean you Bilges, Holding Tanks, Engine Room walls, Engines, Generators and everything in between.

Available in 1L, 5L & 20L Quantities.