Tank / Bilge Refinishing

is required once the coating or interior lining system fails, the surface below becomes exposed to the tank's atmosphere and tank contents resulting in corrosion and oxidization / rust. Once the metal begins to deteriorate it is important not to delay the repairs. The cost to repair tank lining is a fraction of the replacement cost. All Refinishing works are completed by qualified operators who are refinishing certified.



 Engine & Engine Room Refinishing

Constant high pressure, vibrations and external contaminants such as oil, fuels and acids can cause the Engine Surface Lining to fail without there being any issues with the Engine itself. Above the visual impact, refinishing an Engine, Genset or Engine Room also allows for the effective management and maintenance of your machinery. We use high velocity soda blasting to remove the deteriorated lining from any part of the engines, Gensets or other machinery, followed by a 3 step refinishing process with the customers desired colour. This applies to all machinery, Gensets, air dive units, water makers, compressors and also to the machinery space or engine room itself.